Custom House Brokerage Services

When your enterprise counts on imported merchandise, you need to work with a logistics services company that can get your goods through customs promptly.  Horizon Freight provides efficient custom brokerage service to its customers as a value-added service. We are considered to be among the prominent service providers of customs clearance services. To take care, we have professionals who have the expertise and thorough knowledge of the import and export policy.  Working with a customs broker is the superior way to guarantee that your merchandise is successfully imported and that you are not surcharged in duties or taxes.

Once you try our services, we are confident you will be delighted. Our team has over 15 years of combined experience in customs clearance.  We endeavor to provide both professional and highly personalized service.  Contact Horizon Freight for the entire gamut of custom brokerage services documented below.

  • Import and Export Documentation
  • On-line filing & tracking of clearance status
  • Bonding and Ex-bonding
  • Vehicle Clearing
  • Consumer Goods – Foods Items
  • Exhibition and ATA Carnet
  • Repair & Return shipments
  • Re-import and Re-export
  • Pharmaceuticals Clearance